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Someone Like Him
Karen Kendall
ISBN: 0060007230
October 2003
Contemporary Romance

Lavender Hart needs a job in the worst way so that she can stay in New York City. Nicholas Wright needs help with the Doberman he inherited in a worse way in order to avoid problems with the coop board at his building. So he hires the employment seeking Vinnie only to learn that she comes with a psycho roommate and a genius of a little brother. Nicholas soon finds himself falling for Vinnie despite his best efforts to keep their relationship platonic. In a dog eat dog world, can true love prevail?

Karen Kendall’s blend of humor and sensuality shine in her new release. Someone Like Him is a pleasing mix of laugh out loud and tender moments. She ignores the old showbiz adage regarding working with kids and animals, giving both a prominent place in the story. Vinnie and Nicholas outshine the antics of both as the secondary characters add depth and heart to the main love story of this character driven book. Mixed in for good measure is a sensuous love scene that will have the reader thinking twice about having a snack with a lover! You’ll have to read the book to find out about that one for yourself. And you’ll be glad you did.

Lea Moyer, September 2003

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