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See Jane Score
Rachel Gibson
ISBN: 0060009241
February 2003
Contemporary Romance

Jane Alcott writes a Ďsingles girlí column, but was hired to write for the local hockey team while their regular sports reporter is on medical leave. She had to attend all the games, travel with team, and get interviews in the locker room. On the side, she was also writing a column for Him, a porn magazine. Janeís fictitious character, Honey Pie, is the star of her porn columns. Honey Pie lived beyond Janeís wildest fantasies. Where Jane was prudish, Honey was ostentatious. Naturally, Jane didnít want anyone to know that she writes The Life of Honey Pie, so she has it published anonymously.

Luc Martineau has a few secrets of his own. As a goalie on the Seattle Chinooks hockey team, he has gotten a lot of exposure from the press. Due to the fact that reporters tend to ask all the wrong questions and canít get the stories about him right, he refuses to give anyone an interview. He hates having stories written about him that are completely untrue. This makes it easy for him to have a bad impression of all reporters.

When Jane started her job covering the Chinooks, nobody on the team wanted her there, especially not Luc. The team found subtle ways to give her a hard time. In the mean time, she found herself slightly attracted to the bad boy goalie, Luc. Of course, she knows that Luc would never notice her, because she isnít tall, gorgeous, and shapely. She wasnít his type. Perhaps if she was more like Honey Pie, he would notice her. Throughout her frustrations and growing attraction, she squares her shoulders and sticks out her chin and pursues that impossible interview with Luc, Lucky, Martineau, whether he likes it or not. What she doesnít know is that Luc canít help noticing her no matter how profound it seems to even him.

I loved this book!!! I was laughing almost hysterically in the locker room scenes. Sweaty men, jock straps, and tattoos, oh my!! Luc is sexy, arrogant, and, at times, a little clueless. Jane is a bit more insecure than she was willing to admit. She is also fun and sassy when she had her confidence mask on. SEE JANE SCORE was a fun and fast read for me, and Iíll be keeping this one for a rainy day.

Jennifer C. Ebmeyer, June 2003

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