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Captured Innocence
Susan Sizemore
ISBN: 0060082895
January 2003
Historical Romance

Lily Bancroft is the true heir to the Bororavian throne even though she has been raised as a simple English country girl. Now the poor young woman is being blackmailed into marrying her detestable cousin to prop up his claim to the same throne. Kit Fox is a member of a family of spies, having been taken in off the streets at a tender age and raised by Hannah Gale. Now Kit must ply his trade for England and learn more about the Bororavian King. Lily sees Kit as her means of escaping the greedy clutches of her cousin and Kit sees Lily as his entrée to the royal inner circle. Neither foresees falling in love.

Susan Sizemore's current historical is at turns lighthearted, humorous, and deliciously sensual. Lily is a strong heroine who does not whine and bemoan her planned future but takes steps to prevent the catastrophe from happening. Her strength of character is a good match for the devious but good-hearted hero with a conscience. Kit's interactions with the other members of his family are some of the most delightful scenes in the entire book, allowing the reader to see a side of him that could not be exposed any other way. The pages turn quickly when reading this book and putting it down is difficult at best.

Lea Moyer, April 2003

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