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A Scandalous Lady
Rachelle Morgan
ISBN: 0060084707
April 2003
Historical Romance

Faith Jervis always dreamt of being a princess, always thought her prince would come and rescue her and that she would live in a castle. Dreams were along ways from the reality that Faith lived in. Her reality was the slums of London, in the 1880’s, picking pockets for Jack Swift. She didn’t realize that 16 years ago she was kidnapped from her mother’s funeral, separated from her twin sister Honesty and then had been placed on a ship from San Francisco, ending up in an orphanage in London. Picking pockets had been her only means of survival until she picked the pocket of the wrong man, or maybe it really was the right man. He looked like the prince of her dreams, but when he caught her, he wasn’t about to let her go, she had a choice, Newgate or work off what she had stolen, working as a maid in his manor house. She chooses the work.

Her “prince” was in reality, Troyce de Meir, a man with too many responsibilities and a very expensive dream. He had a ship that needed to be repaired and restored. He knew that if he could get the ship restored his financial problems would be solved. His sister kept reminding him that all he had to do was marry for money and his problems would be solved, he just wasn’t willing to trade his title for an heiress. This caused a great deal of friction between sister and brother and things didn't get any better when Troyce brought Faith home to work in his house, his sister, Devon didn't trust her at all.

Crikey, (Faith’s favorite exclamation) this is an excellent book about dreams and the willingness to go after them, sometimes, at what seems at the moment to be insurmountable odds. The chemistry between Troyce and Faith kept me turning the pages. I wondered how they would resolve the “perceived” differences in their station in society and wondered how Faith would react when she was reunited with her twin. These things kept this book extremely interesting.

Debbie Olson, July 2003

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