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If the Slipper Fits
Elaine Fox
ISBN: 0060517212
May 2003
Contemporary Romance

IF THE SLIPPER FITS by Elaine Fox is an updated Cinderella Story.  Anne Sayer, a born and raised Candlewick Island girl has been in love for many years with Connor Emory, the son of one of Candlewick Island's wealthiest summer families.  They get to spend summers together when Connor comes to Sea Bluff the family vacation home where Anne is employed as housekeeper.

When they were teens they had a summer love affair.  Anne held dreams of marriage to Connor and both of them living on Candlewick Island happily ever after.  Her reality was far different from her dream.  She breaks Connor's heart on the last day of the summer, and doesn't seem him again until 11 years have passed.

When Anne broke Connor's heart that summer it was the last time he went to Candlewick Island.  Now 11 years have passed, Connor's father has passed away, and he has inherited the family summer home.  Anne can not but hope that they might be able to recapture the past, and set some of their convoluted history straight. Connor however has much different reasons for returning to Candlewick Island.  The least of which include selling Sea Bluff, the vacation home that means so much to Anne, and firing all the staff including Anne.

The story that follows did not appeal to me.  I felt like Anne and Connor were playing games that were not appropriate for mature adults. I also did not feel chemistry between them that was supposed to be held over from their teenage years.  I did however enjoy Connor's Italian uncle who did his own forms of manipulation.  He was sly in his handling of people, but always open about his emotions unlike Anne and Connor.

If you like a sweet story then I believe you'll like IF THE SLIPPER FITS. However if you're a reader who prefers a steamier read, then this is not the book for you.

Sandi Shilhanek, August 2003

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