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Daughter of the Game
Tracy Grant
Harper Torch
ISBN: 0061032069
February 2003
Historical Romance

Colin Fraser, only six years old, was kidnapped from his parent’s house in Berkeley Square while they were out for the evening. Later, his parents come home and are just beginning to get undressed when the children’s governess comes knocking at their door. She tells Charles and Me’lanie that Colin is missing. At first, Charles thinks Colin is trying to get back at him. Colin and his little Jessica had been playing and Jessica ended up getting hurt. Colin got in trouble for it. Charles gathers the servants and they all start looking for Colin.

Needless to say, their search is unsuccessful. Charles, who was in the diplomatic corps during the war and met Me’lanie in Lisbon, sends someone to Bow Street for a runner. They eventually get a ransom note. The kidnapper wants a ring. Not just any ring, but the Carevalo ring. This ring has been in the Carevalo family for generations and is supposed to have some sort of power. This is the very ring that Charles was sent to fetch during the war. It was on his mission to get the ring that he met Me’lanie.

Now, the story begins as Charles, Me’lanie and a host of others begin their quest to find the Carevalo ring and save their son. During their quest, secret upon secret begins to be revealed, threatening to tear them apart.

This Regency tale is more about the main characters, Charles and Me’lanie Fraser, than anything else. They started out having a marriage of convenience. When Charles and Me’lanie met, she was pregnant. Charles proposed and Me’lanie accepted. By the time we get to the beginning of this story, they are deeply in love. They are very in tune with each other and share everything, or so they thought. Each secret that is revealed threatens to tear their marriage apart. Neither one of them knows if they will remain together once they find Colin.

This is wonderful Regency, but is definitely not a light story. This one is a definite page turner as we vicariously enjoy the ride along with Charles and Me’lanie as they learn shocking secret after shocking secret on their journey to regain their son. And, I didn’t figure out who the villain was until the end. This is a book that I definitely recommend reading.

Chere Gruver, July 2003

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