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Between Sisters
Kristin Hannah
ISBN: 0345450736
April 2003
Contemporary Romance

Meghann Dontess and Claire Cavenaugh believe they have nothing in common...even though they are sisters. Meghann is a high-society, well-paid divorce attorney who doesn't believe in happy-ever-after's, has made her job her life, lives in a high-rise condo in the city and has few friends. Claire is a single mom, lives in the suburbs, has a group of friends called the Bluesers who have been friends all through school, and helps her father run a moderate, campground resort. Due to choices made decades ago the two sisters have been estranged for years.

Claire's upcoming wedding brings the sisters together. As they struggle to find a way to deal with the hurt and awkwardness of the past, their time together takes an unexpected twist, spinning them both down a road neither expected, filled with both happiness and pain.

When I read this book, I experimented. I picked it up by title only, didn't read a word of the book cover so I didn't have a clue what the book was about, and decided to see how long the book would hold my interest. Well, reader beware; do not try this experiment unless you want to sit up into the wee small hours of the morning. From the very first page, the characters grab your interest, soon after your curiosity and without doubt, your heart.

Kristin Hannah has eloquently written a story about the bond between sisters, the power of forgiveness and the beauty of love. Even her secondary characters are rich and real. This is a powerful story that captures the heart and stays on the "it's a keeper" shelf.

Diane Burke, June 2003

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