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Lover’s Lane
Jill Marie Landis
ISBN: 0345453328
June 2003
Contemporary Romance

The whole world seem to be against Carly Nolan from the day she was born. As a young child, her mother walked out on her. Her father, after years of drunken neglect, managed to die on the sofa leaving her all alone. Hopping from foster home to foster home only proved that bad luck followed her everywhere. When Carly ran away as a teenager, she finally started to turn her life around.

She met Rick and was immediately attracted. After a month long relationship, he left the country on business. When he returned, he found that Carly had given birth to his son and was more than ready to marry her. His parents disapproved, but that wouldn’t stop him. A car accident stopped him instead. When Carly’s fiancé died his parent’s lawyer came to visit her with a proposition. They wanted to raise her son. If she didn’t accept their offer, then they were filing a petition for custody. She was young, scared, and afraid she couldn’t win, much less afford to fight. She was afraid that the secrets of her horrid past would catch up to her in court. Carly would never give up her son. In result, she ran away…again.

Rick’s best friend, Jake Montgomery is a private investigator. For Rick’s sake, he felt it was an obligation to make sure that Carly and Rick’s son was being well taken care of. He made it his obsession to find her. He couldn’t understand why she ran away to begin with. It took him six years to finally catch up to her. He was surprised to find how different she was compared to the photo Rick gave him before he died. His only intentions were to make sure the boy was okay. He didn’t mean to cause anyone problems or pain. And he certainly did not intend to fall in love with her.

LOVER’S LANE repeatedly tugged at my emotions from cover to cover. I had tears of sorrow and tears of joy. I laughed out loud a time or two. The story wasn’t too dark, but wasn’t really light. It didn’t weigh on my heart, or bring me down. It was a story full of hope, pride, and love. It was a story about family and the ties that bind.

During her lifelong search for security in her life, Carly turned out to be a very strong and brave person. I didn’t blame her one bit for the decisions she made, even when they were obviously poor choices. It didn’t fault her character one bit to have her admit she had made mistakes. In fact, it made her more believable and real. I wanted her to be happy and for everything to work out for her, because I believed she worked hard for it. She deserved it.

Jake is just simply a sweetheart. He was a hero through and through. Of course, he wasn’t perfect either. He made a few poor decisions that made things a little hard on Carly, but it also helped her face her problems head on…whether she liked it or not. It was time for her to trust someone, and Jake was just the person to fill the position.

I found this book to be an intense and passionate read! Jill Marie Landis has always been able to touch a little bit of all my emotions and deliver a wonderful heart felt story. Once again, she succeeded in pulling me into the mind and heart of her characters and delivering another brilliant romance novel!

Jennifer Ebmeyer, August 2003

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