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Dead Wrong
Mariah Stewart
ISBN: 0345463927
June 2004
Romantic Suspense

Three men are thrown together, by random, into a small room in a courthouse to await their separate hearings. They don’t know each other, but in the short period of time they are together they form some sort of bond. In the course of their conversations one of them poses the question, Who would you “do” when you get out? The conversation continues and in the end they form a pact: they will swap their victims with one another so that the cops can never figure out the relationships.

Curtis Alan Channing is the first of the three out of jail and he is going after his friend Vince Giordano’s three victims; his mother-in -law, the judge that told him he couldn’t see his kids anymore and M. Douglas the child advocate that told the judge to take his children away. He kills three M. Douglas’s and the rest of the group, before he finally finds the right M. Douglas, Mara Douglas. Mara’s sister is a profiler of the FBI and is convinced her sister is the next victim. She arranges for Aidan Shields to be her bodyguard for the time being. He was recently injured in a stakeout gone bad, in which his brother was killed. He has been off work recuperating, but Annie, Mara’s sister, thinks it’s time for Aidan to join the rest of the world again. Dead Wrong is captivating, it hooks your interest and holds it throughout the book. Stewart grabs you with the seemingly unsolvable crime and then adds the wounded hero and heroine into the mix. The fact that both Mara and Aidan have some problems to work through really works, they are just what the other needs, and it doesn’t hurt any that he seems to be a hunk. This is the first of three haunting novels, in which we will see how the other two men honor their pact.

Debbie Olson, March 2004

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