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Prescription: Marry Her Immediately
Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin American Romance #971
ISBN: 037316971X
May 2003
Category Romance

The enjoyable mini-series by author Jacqueline Diamond continues with the second story PRESCRIPTION: MARRY HER IMMEDIATELY. As with the first story of the series, Ms. Diamond has created believable characters.

PRESCRIPTION: MARRY HER IMMEDIATELY is the story of psychologist Amy Ravena, and Dr. Quentin Ladd. Amy has misled Quentin into thinking that she’s an experienced woman of the world. Quentin at 29 and fresh out of his residency is in awe of the persona that Amy has created for herself. They enjoy a terrific friendship, and while both have dreams of taking it to the next step, Quentin is a bit fearful.

Quentin finds himself with the need to raise his orphaned niece and nephew. However, in order to guarantee that he can get custody he needs to be married. He proposes to Amy, and while the marriage he has in mind is not the marriage of Amy’s dreams, she accepts. On his way out the door to oversee a difficult delivery, Quentin overhears a conversation between Amy and his nephew, Greg. Amy is still wishing for more of a real marriage, and it’s only after a safe Christmas birth that Quentin has an epiphany that changes everyone’s life.

Again, Ms. Diamond has woven a believable story. As I read I could easily picture Amy and Quentin jogging on the beach, or leaving in the middle of Natalie and Patrick’s wedding to handle a family emergency. I’m the type of reader who loves to read connected stories, and in picking up PRESCRIPTION: MARRY HER IMMEDIATELY it was as if I was coming back to visit some friends I had made, and hadn’t yet learned enough about. If you missed the first installment there was enough back-story to be able to pick up in the middle. I look forward to the final installment.

Sandi Shilhanek, April 2003

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