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The Bachelor Chronicles
Lissa Manley
Silhouette Romance #1665
ISBN: 0373196652
May 2003
Category Romance

Erin James is a determined woman. She is absolutely determined to interview the rather elusive millionaire bachelor Jared Warfield. Jared owns Warfield’s, a tasteful coffee house and as a part of Erin’s latest assignment, she must interview him. He isn’t interested in yet another reporter questioning him—especially if it’s going to have anything to do with his toddler daughter Allison. But unfortunately, Erin and Jared can’t always have the easy way out: Erin needs this interview to help dig herself out of financial ruin, and Jared finds himself backed into a corner when Warfield’s seems to be losing business and could use the publicity this interview could bring. Can two people, completely against romantic entanglements, come together and find common ground—and surrender themselves to the attraction steadily growing between them?

While THE BACHELOR CHRONICLES doesn’t deliver any surprises as far as contemporary storylines go, debut author Lissa Manley has managed to create an entertaining story with interesting characters. I admired Erin’s strength, especially when you consider her background. I also loved Jared’s complete protectiveness of the adorable Allison and I felt that both main characters were definitely well matched.

THE BACHELOR CHRONICLES is a very good first effort for Lissa Manley. If you’re looking for a simple, entertaining story to pass away a sunny afternoon, THE BACHELOR CHRONICLES is definitely the story for you.

Carla Hosom, March 2003

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