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The Baby Chronicles
Lissa Manley
Silhouette Romance
ISBN: 0373197055
January 2004

This sweet, delightful, romance opens with the heroine, Colleen Stewart, trying her hardest to avoid being assigned to write "The Baby Chronicles", and failing. The reader soon realizes that because Colleen was shuffled through the foster-care system as a child, she has psychological problems with trust and self-confidence. She copes by keeping anyone who makes her feel off balance or vulnerable at arms cute babies and a particular past boyfriend, Aiden Forbes.

Colleen and Aiden broke up eight years prior when Colleen realized Aiden was falling in love with her and she was afraid she didn't have what it takes inside to love a person fully in return.

As Colleen sits at the editors desk, reluctantly accepting her new assignment, she is introduced to the freelance photographer hired for the assignment.Aiden Forbes.

For a variety of reasons, neither Colleen nor Aiden can refuse the assignment. They are forced to work in close proximity to each other and each make a silent promise to themselves to keep the past behind them and the present professional.

To complicate the situation, as hero and heroine battle the attraction that still exists and continues to grow between them, they find themselves the sudden and sole caregivers of an infant.

The author has written a book with a touching plot, characters you empathize with, and a happy-ever-after you root for almost from the very first word of the book.

The Baby Chronicles is for any reader that likes to lose themselves in the sweet, touching, old-fashioned world of love, babies, and hope.

Diane Burke, January 2004

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