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One Bachelor to Go
by Nicole Burnham
Silhouette Romance
ISBN: 0373197063
February 2004
Category Romance

Emily Winters is Senior Vice President of Global Sales for Wintersoft, her father's company. Jack Devon is Vice President of Business Development and Strategy of Wintersoft, as well as the only remaining eligible bachelor in the company.

A business conference for the World Financial Services Organization is being held in Reno, Nevada and Wintersoft has snagged a last minute cancellation assuring them a booth at the conference. Of course, because of the last minute preparation time and the importance of the results of this conference on the company, Jack and Emily fly to Reno to man the booth.

Set against beautiful, romantic, exciting Reno, Jack and Emily find themselves together all day in the sales booth and all night in a beautiful log cabin, fully stocked with firewood, a two story fireplace, a full refrigerator, a bottle of Pinot Grigio, and a breathtaking view of sunsets over Lake Tahoe. Emily, harboring a secret, is determined not to become involved with anyone in her father's company. Jack, harboring a secret of his own, is very vocal about how he is not the marrying kind.

Nicole Burnham has penned a romance filled with believable characters in believable situations. This book is guaranteed to carry the reader away from the humdrum everyday life and into the glitz and glamour of the corporate world against an exciting Reno backdrop.

Her character's "secrets" are problems real people face in real life situations. Her complications to the plot are a natural result of the situations the characters place themselves in. This book is an enjoyable, light, and easy read.

Diane Burke, December 2003

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