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Anything, Anytime, Anywhere
by Catherine Mann
ISBN: 037321815X
March 2004
Contemporary Romance

C-17 pilot Major Jack “Cobra” Korba has more than enough worries preparing for his ultra secret mission to rescue American hostages. When flight surgeon Monica Hyatt forces her way on to the team, his job becomes impossibly more difficult. Not only does Jack have to contend with the intricacies of the operation, he is forced to deal with his wife. A wife filing for divorce without giving the marriage a chance. Monica refuses to be left behind since her sister is one of the hostages. In the midst of everything else, Jack decides to make it his mission to convince Monica to never leave him behind again.

Catherine Mann takes flight and soars with her first full length “Wingman Warrior” novel. Catherine Mann has crafted a strong, intelligent heroine and the hero who is man enough to coax forth the heroine’s femininity without compromising the other aspects of her personality. In addition to Jack and Monica’s story, the stories of Monica’s two sisters are threaded throughout the novel as strong characters and a strong plot merge to deliver a story full of intensely emotional highs and lows, as well as lush sensuality. While characters from previous “Wingman Warrior” stories make appearances, this book stands alone and is a must read for fans of Catherine Mann and military romance.

Lea Moyer, December 2003

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