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Sheikh Surrender
Jacqueline Diamond
Harlequin Intrigue
ISBN: 0373227493
January 2004
Category Romance

Elementary School Principal Jenny Sanger has acquired a cyberstalker that thinks it is fun and games to send unknown strangers to her doorstep. Posting her picture, chatting with unsuspecting men and luring them to her home isnít exactly her idea of a joke. But when a royal stranger ends up dead when he comes to meet Jenny, it suddenly isnít just a scary cruel joke. Itís murder.

When Sheikh Zahad of Alqedar comes to claim his brotherís body and investigate what happened to his brother on his own, Jenny Sanger might not be the suspect he thinks she is. There is the possibility that the bullet that ended his brotherís life was meant for her instead. Now if he can just unravel all the clues and keep Jenny safe, before a murderer comes calling again.

Sheikh Surrender by Jacqueline Diamond is an intrigue that will leave you breathless. The twists and turns has you anticipating who done it up until the end. All the while Jacqueline Diamond lights up the pages with chemistry between the characters that will have you sweating. Sheikh Surrender is masterfully written for the mystery reader with a thirst for romance.

Tasha Lewis, March 2004

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