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Kylie Brant
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1221
ISBN: 037327291X
May 2003
Category Romance

Juliette Morris is a woman with a life consuming mission – to make the man who murdered her mother pay and pay dearly. She has become his arch nemesis and a world class thief as she pursued her revenge. Now she has a new player in her game and he’s after the same man she’s been targeting for so long. CIA agent Sam Tremaine needs Juliette’s expertise to get information on a master criminal supplying terrorist. However, his needs quickly become much more than professional and he finds himself in the position of being her next victim when she steals his heart.

Kylie Brant takes her readers on a roller coaster of emotion and suspense in this story of international intrigue. The story begins with an exciting cat and mouse game between Juliette and Sam that sets the tone for the riveting pace of the book. Juliette’s tortured past that drove her to be the woman she is today is revealed in tantalizing glimpses to Sam, bringing him to understand the woman who has compromised his objectivity. Non-stop action and burning sensuality and dynamic characters make this a captivating book that is hard to put down.

Lea Moyer, May 2003

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