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Private Maneuvers
Catherine Mann
Silhouette Intimate Moments #1226
ISBN: 0373272960
June 2003
Category Romance

C-17 co-pilot Darcy “Wren” Renshaw is nothing like the delicate little bird her call sign implies. She’s one of the guys and that’s the way she wants it. If only she could convince her high powered father to stay out of her military career. Max Keagan may look like a marine biologist but there’s more to him than meets the eye. The CIA agent is about to find the inside informant responsible for far too much carnage. He’ll succeed if he doesn’t allow himself to get distracted by First Lieutenant Renshaw. But first, they both have to outwit a hidden foe with too much information about their pasts and a burning desire to thwart their future.

Catherine Mann shifts her battlefield with her newest SIM and the resulting skirmish is a triumphant victory. Instead of the men of the “Wingmen Warriors” series, this time she gives the readers a female pilot every bit as tough and determined as her male colleagues. Darcy is a woman whose feminine side is plundered and exposed by Max Keagan, a man who is most definitely her equal. The fast paced story leaves the reader breathless as the romance and intrigue build to a surprising ending with never a dull moment or lull to be had. A definite must read for Catherine’s fans as well as all fans of military romance!

Lea Moyer, April 2003

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