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Strategic Engagement
Catherine Mann
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 0373273274
November 2003

Captain Daniel “Crusty” Baker has a mission - to extract his half brothers from a dangerous Middle Eastern country. He does not expect to find his former fiancée in the box with the two young boys. So the Air Force C-17 pilot does what any officer and gentleman would do when faced with a similar situation. He asks her to move in with all three Baker boys to help them adjust. Mary Elise McRae has a weak spot when it comes to males with the last name Baker. She couldn’t say “no” to her best friend all those years ago and she can’t say it now. Not when the younger boys need her so desperately. She just prays her past won’t catch up with her.

There is only one problem with a “Wingman Warrior” book and this one is no exception. Eventually they all come to an end. But until that last page is turned, Catherine Mann delivers a world where alpha heroes try to run the show and the heroines keep them humble and in line. Danny and Mary Elise have an underlying edge of realism to them that makes the book impossible to put down. The plot is faced paced and packed with subtle clues that force the reader to remain alert. Mary Elise is forced to deal with a problem that is sure to strike a chord with many readers. Catherine’s touch when she focuses on Mary Elise is deft while not being heavy handed. This “Wingman Warrior” saga can definitely be considered a successfully completed mission!

Lea Moyer, November 2003

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