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Midnight Run
Linda Castillo
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 0373273290
November 2003

Breaking out of prison is the only way former police detective Jack LaCroix can prove he's innocent, that he was framed for killing his partner and the brother of the woman he loves. He knows he doesn't have much time, not when the man responsible, drug kingpin Cyrus Duke, is on his trail and wants to silence him forever. The only person Jack can turn to is attorney Landis McAllister, his former partners sister and the woman he wanted to share his life with. Trying to convince her he was framed isn't going to be easy when she believes otherwise, but he's ready to risk his life for his freedom and to convince Landis he was framed for her brother’s murder. But can he stay one step ahead of the authorities and Cyrus Duke until he can get the evidence he needs? And can he keep Landis safe when her life becomes endangered in his flight for freedom?

This is a fast paced story with lots of action, hidden secrets and betrayal. Jack is a tough cop that doesn't let down his guard easily, but somehow driven attorney Landis McAllister worms her way into his heart and later regrets it when she finds her world turned upside down when her brother is murdered and her lover is convicted of the crime. From the beginning, cunning, desperate Jack is one step ahead of the real killer, trying his best to convince Landis of his innocence, as well as fighting the love he still feels for her, even when she walked out of his life after his conviction. Midnight Run is an intense cat and mouse game high on emotion and packed with suspense. Another winner in a line of must reads by one of the rising stars of suspense. And as far as this reader is concerned, headed straight to the top.

Linda Castillo always gives her readers tough characters that are never perfect; in fact they're always flawed, which make her stories come alive. They're gritty, gutsy, tough as nails, and the action never stops, nor do the surprises. And they're not predictable either! One thing you can always count on, you never know what's going to happen with a Linda Castillo book. The one thing you can be guaranteed, you'll get more than a few punches, a great romance between compelling characters and characters that would normally find themselves totally opposites yet find themselves drawn to one another like missing pieces in a puzzle. Another must read by a must read author.

Barb Hoeter, October 2003

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