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Shock Waves
Jenna Mills
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 0373273576
April 2004
Category Romance

Brenna Scott has had dreams since she was a child. Her dream about Ethan Carrington sends her to warn him about what could very well be his impending death. Now trapped with a man who doesnít believe anything he canít verify with his five senses, she must fight for both their lives. Ethan has long planned to bring Jorak Zhukov, the man who has tried to destroy his family for years, to justice. He doesnít plan to include Brenna in his revenge, a woman he canít quite trust and definitely canít get out of his mind. Trapped between heaven and hell, Ethan must decide whether to fight the past or embrace the future.

Jenna Mills sends shock waves through her reader with her latest - and final? - installment of the Carrington family struggles with a madman. This story is Intimate Moments at its best. The tension between Ethan and Jorak and Ethan and Brenna builds to a fevered pitch. The culmination when the reader learns the real meaning of the dream at the same time as Ethan is breathtaking and heartbreaking. Readers of the previous books have known that Ethan needed a special woman to break down his barricades and Jenna Mills delivers her. This story touches on many levels, satisfying them all.

Lea Moyer, May 2004

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