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Joint Forces
Catherine Mann
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 0373273630
May 2004
Category Romance

When Senior Master Sergeant J.T. “Tag” Price arrives at his estranged wife Rena’s house to pick up their son for the weekend, the next to the last thing he expects is to watch as she is involved in a hit and run. The very last thing he expects is to be blindsided with the news that he is about to be a daddy again. J.T. realizes this is the opportunity he has been searching for, a way back to the woman he loves even more now than when he married her more than twenty years ago. He has to get it right this time.

Catherine Mann puts a fresh spin on her Wingmen Warriors series, and on the “secret baby” story, with her latest release. J.T and Rena are a realistic older married couple with a history of shared joys and heartaches. Watching them work through their troubles has a different feeling, a more intense feeling, than watching a couple fall in love for the first time. So much more is at stake. She also gives them an undeniable sexual tension that resonates from the pages. A subplot dealing with young love highlights the more mature relationship. Catherine Mann gets better and better, with this story working on so many levels it would be a crime to miss.

Lea Moyer, May 2004

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