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A Cry in the Dark
Jenna Mills
Silhouette Intimate Moments
ISBN: 037327369X
June 2004
Category Romance

Danielle Caldwell faces every parent’s worst nightmare when her son Alex is kidnapped. She is a strong woman, accustomed to surviving on her own. When FBI Special Agent Liam Brooks shows up at her door, she attempts to push him away not only because of her strength but because she has been warned not to involve anyone if she wants her son to return to her. Liam is strong and stubborn, determined to assist Danielle because she represents a link to a master terrorist, a man Liam has been chasing for years. As they struggle both against each other and with each other, Danielle and Liam learn that sometimes your greatest weakness turns out to be your biggest strength.

A Cry in the Dark is the first book in the newest generation of “Family Secrets” from SIM. Jenna Mills does an excellent job at introducing Titan and hinting at what he is after, while leaving further revelations to subsequent authors in the series. She leaves no doubt that while Liam may have what he wants personally, he will continue his professional search to the end.

Danielle and Liam are equally strong characters with equally conflicted pasts and their character development is realistic and heart wrenching. The sexual tension arcs between them as their egos initially stand in the way of being able to help each other. Little by little, the walls between them crumble as they learn to accept what they always thought of as weakness and turn them into strengths with the help of the other.

Fans of Jenna Mills will want to gobble up this book, as will fans of romantic suspense with a paranormal twist. This is a compelling story to get lost in!

Lea Moyer, May 2004

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