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Once Smitten/Twice Shy
Darlene Gardner
Harlequin Duets #101
ISBN: 0373441673
June 2003
Category Romance

Once Smitten

Who would have thought that an innocent conversation between friends could turn into an irresistible dare? That’s the problem before Zoe O’Neill. Zoe wants nothing more than to build up Clutter Bee Gone, her small business, period. She doesn’t have time for anything else. When one of Zoe’s friends dares Zoe to look up Zoe’s One-Who-Got-Away, Jack Carter, Zoe’s certain it will be a snap—look up Jack and walk away, free and clear. But Zoe never counted on all the old feelings that would come rushing back—or the new ones urging her to consider a lifetime with Jack.

Jack Carter is known by those he works with as K Jack—a nickname given to him because he tends to stop dating a woman after the third date, as in three strikes and she’s outta there! But when a co-worker tells Jack the nickname would just go away if he would date the same girl more than three times, Jack sets out to do just that—right before her bumps into Zoe O’Neill. But what started out as an agreement between two old friends to win their bets, becomes so much more—and it’s more than Jack or Zoe ever bargained for!

Zoe O’Neill’s quest to snag the One-Who-Got-Away is a hilarious, light-hearted romp, filled with twists and turns. I really enjoyed watching the relationship between Jack and Zoe grow and change. Add in Darlene Gardner’s trademark humor and you have all the makings of a laugh out loud, engaging, romantic story.

Once again Darlene Gardner delivers the goods with ONCE SMITTEN!

Twice Shy

Amy Donatelli never realized that one teeny-tiny little white lie could turn her entire life upside down. All Amy had wanted to do is prove to her friends that she had an interesting OWGA (One-Who-Got-Away) like they did. Heck, even her best friend Matt Burke is telling tales about his beloved OWGA. But suddenly one lie leads to another and Amy finds herself in way over head, working overtime to cover up all the lies she's told. If that isn't bad enough, now Amy is being sued by her neighbor, who is bringing absolutely ridiculous accusations against her. Luckily Matt is an accomplished attorney and agrees to help her out. But Suddenly Amy is looking at her old friend Matt in a different light. Will Matt and Amy ever realize that the path to love doesn't have to start with an OWGA from years ago? Sometimes love can be waiting where you least expect to find it.

With this second story in Darlene Gardner's double Duets, TWICE SHY is as hilarious and entertaining as its predecessor. Matt and Amy are fun and likeable characters and their antics produced some great laugh out loud moments. If you're looking for the perfect humorous story to enjoy on a warm summer day, this Duets is definitely for you!

Carla Hosom, July 2003

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