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Let It Bree
Can't Buy Me Louie
Colleen Collins
Harlequin Duets
ISBN: 0373441738
September 2003

Let It Bree

Bree Brown only wants to get out of her hometown and see the world. Her ticket to freedom is her pet bull, Valentine Bovine, who just won the Brahman Grand Champion of the first Denver Stock Show Brahman Competition. Everything was great until Bree realized that something doesnít jive with the cowboy who was leading the bull away to his new life.

Now, on the run Bree and Valentine need to get back to their hometown to straighten things out with the buyers. Deep in the mountains of Colorado, they are rescued by Kirk Dunmore who gets caught up in the intrigue and craziness of Breeís life. Keeping an eye on the clock, he helps them despite the woman who is waiting at the end of the aisle for him. Once he realizes that he loves Bree, he has to convince her that they are right for one another.

I was concerned that having a bull as a main character would make the story more difficult to read. No so. Bree wouldnít be Bree without Valentine to keep her company. We should all be so carefree and passionate about what we believe in. Collins creates loveable and believable characters who get caught up in trouble and one another. The story is fast paced and full of humor. Now that the kids are back in school, itís a great time to pick up LET IT BREE, the first story in the September Duets.

Can't Buy Me Louie

CAN'T BUY ME LOUIE takes off where the first story in this book, Let It Bree, ended. Reformed gangster Louie Ragazzi has embarked on his new life in Key West, but because of a short stint in jail and Alicia Hansen, the woman who bailed him out and fancies herself in love, he is waylaid from reaching his goals. He is anxious to get rid of her and begin his future. Wealthy, runaway Alicia Hansen is head over heels in love, with the tough, macho guy who believes that he doesnít need her. Sure heís a little rough around the edges, and there is a bad guy named, Rings who is out to kill him, but he does have the right chemistry and pushes all the right buttons.

Alicia offers him money and herself, but he continues to refuse both, telling her to go home to her parents. Heís not the marrying kind, or so he says. Does she stay or does she go? Does Louie give in to the temptation he is offered? And, where does Rings come in during all of this?

Colleen Collins proves again that she has a knack for writing chemistry, hot chemistry between her characters. I felt like I could see The Lighthouse Inn and the round room. I did feel that having the back-story, which was provided in the first book, was important. I felt like I would have missed something about how Alicia and Louie met and their initial spark. I enjoyed the story, but had a difficult time switching gears between the two tales. Colleen Collins and her creative new characters donít disappoint in CANíT BUY ME LOUIE.

Michelle Libby, October 2003

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