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Staying Single
Millie Criswell
Harlequin Flipside
ISBN: 0373441754
October 2003

Francie Morelli is the “runaway bride” of her neighborhood. Three times at bat, she has struck out all three times. She is determined not to march down the aisle ever again, or at least until she is absolutely positive. Mark Fielding is the brother of bachelor number three dumped at the alter. He intends to make Francie pay for her crimes. Until he meets her face to face, anyway. Then they both find themselves in a serious dilemma. Francie starts to think Mark may actually be THE ONE, but is scared to trust her feelings. Mark is sure Francie is the woman for him, but how will his family take the news. Only time will tell if love truly does conquer all.

Millie Criswell shines in the launch title for the new Harlequin Flipside line. Her strongly character driven romantic comedy sparkles as she chronicles the lives of the Philadelphia Italian family. Her characters could be members of any family, especially any close-knit Italian family. Mark’s ties to his family and his loyalty are admirable traits in a hero. Criswell’s comedy is both subtle and laugh out loud funny, with references to popular culture. Interspersed with this is a sexual tension and a high degree of sensuality. This is a not to be missed effort for fans of Millie Criswell and romantic comedy.

Lea Moyer, October 2003

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