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One Hot Chance
Darlene Gardner
Harlequin Temptation #926
ISBN: 0373691262
May 2003
Category Romance

Tiffany Albright needs a change from the usual “Starched Suits” that surround her in Washington D.C. Tired of living the perfect life of a good girl, Tiffany decides that what she needs is a guy who knows how to have fun with life—not a suit and tie wearing stick in the mud! What Tiffany gets is Chance McMann. Chance seems to be exactly what Tiffany is looking for—but looks can be deceiving…

Chance McMann is eager to sample the delights of Savannah, Georgia while he’s working there on business. He never realized the delight he would have chance to sample would be the alluring Tiffany Albright. When Chance and Tiffany first meet, Tiffany is confused as to what Chance does for a living, and after hearing her rant on men in suits, Chance isn’t about to set her straight and let her know he’s actually a lawyer who is from D.C. While Chance never sets out to betray Tiffany, he soon finds himself lying constantly and keeping things from her at every turn, but he’s afraid of what will happen when she learns the truth. Will Tiffany still want Chance when he turns out to be what she’s been trying to avoid all along?

ONE HOT CHANCE by Darlene Gardner is a sensually charged, fun and sexy romance that entertains from the first page to the last. Both Tiffany and Chance were realistic, engaging and interesting characters, and I enjoyed watching their relationship progress from lust at first sight to something more meaningful later on. Tiffany is looking for a fun, good-time guy—someone she can have some fun with while on vacation and she definitely finds that in Chance. She also finds what she hates most—a man who wears suits and ties to work, a man she is certain is too stuffy for words. Chance shows Tiffany that he can be both kinds of men at once and both are men she can love and respect. It takes a while for these two to come together and work through the issues that hold them back, but eventually they get there through the mutual love and understanding they have for one another.

ONE HOT CHANCE is a delightfully entertaining story! I enjoyed the sensual tension, the storyline, and the characters immensely. Darlene Gardner knows how to bring realistic, entertaining characters to life. If you haven’t tired Ms. Gardner before, I definitely recommend you pick up ONE HOT CHANCE and begin your journey into the worlds created by Darlene Gardner.

Carla Hosom, April 2003

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