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Jill Shalvis
Harlequin Temptation #938
ISBN: 0373691386
August 2003
Category Romance

Nature versus Science—which one is better? Luke Walker is sure that science knows best. Luke is a dedicated medical doctor and he is certain that good old fashioned medical science is the only way to treat patients. He can’t believe that there is even a place like Healing Waters—a place that offers homeopathic alternative remedies for medical problems—in existence. And he’s really angry that the hospital he works for has decided to cut staff just to contribute money to the crazy place! Luke lets his feelings be known, publicly, and soon he finds himself in hot water with the hospital board. In order to remedy the situation, it’s decided that Luke should work at Healing Waters every Saturday for the next three months to show the public that he accepts the facility and its practices. Luke is certain the next three months are going to be a nightmare, and they certainly seem to be pointing in the direction when he meets up with his stubborn, hot tempered—and hot bodied—new boss, Faith McDowell. Luke and Faith clash at every turn on how to best care for the clinics patients. But as time goes on, Luke finds himself changing, softening somewhat to the plight of the Healing Waters clinic and truly understanding at least a little of what they do everyday to help their patients. What Luke can’t understand is his growing attraction to Faith. When Faith proposes that they have a casual fling for the duration of his “sentence”, Luke can’t believe his luck! But will he be able to say goodbye to the clinic and Faith in just three short month’s time?

Jill Shalvis definitely knows how to create enigmatic characters and interesting storylines and LUKE is no exception. I have loved so many of Jill’s books, especially her South Village Single’s series and LUKE is just one more example of how romantic South Village can be! I loved Luke—he was a terrific hero, dark at times, almost edgy, but so kind and caring to his patients. I also liked watching his transformation from tough as nails doctor to a more lighthearted person all because of time spent with one special woman. Both Luke and Faith shared similar experiences that made them the individuals they had become. They each needed to move past those experiences and learn to lean on one another and come to trust in the love they would share.

If you haven’t tried Jill Shalvis before, I urge you to read this newest release. Ms. Shalvis’ books are always filled with the perfect blend of humor, romance, and sensuality. I’ve quickly learned that you can’t go wrong when you pick up a romance by Jill Shalvis and I can guarantee that when you pick up LUKE, you’ll feel the same way!

Carla Hosom, July 2003

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