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Too Close for Comfort
Colleen Collins
Harlequin Temptation #939
ISBN: 0373691394
August 2003
Category Romance

Jeffrey Bradshaw, an executive at a Hollywood studio, wants to pitch a television series that takes place in Arctic Luck, Alaska, called “Sixty Below”. Before the important meeting that will make or break his career, he plans a flight to Alaska to take photos. What he doesn’t expect is to have Thompson as his pilot, who derails him by flying to Katimuk instead of Arctic Luck. Once they get “weathered in”, under no less than eight feet of snow, Jeffrey gets worried about his meeting and makes demands that no one can fulfill. Thompson, who happens to be Cyd Thompson, a woman, does all she can to keep Jeffrey from ruining her hometown with big city ideals. She will even go as far as to act like a lady to distract him from his goal. Throw in a hot tub, the locals, Cyd’s aunt and a snowmobile, and it’s the perfect set up for some fun in the icy North.

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT delivers a quick, amusing story for a hot summer day. Both the hero and heroine have strong personalities. Collins did a superb job detailing their character traits and using them to create tension during their interactions. I was left wanting more information about Jordan the owner of True North Airlines and his trip to LA. I also would have liked to see what happens when Jeffrey and Jordan meet. Book two?

The love scenes were hot and creative. They had to work with what that had. I laughed at Cyd’s attempts at sabotage, and seduction. Overall, it was a believable, enjoyable read.

Michelle Libby, June 2003

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