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Pure Indulgence
Janelle Denison
Harlequin Temptation “Heat” #947
ISBN: 0373691475
October 2003
Category Romance

Who can resist the temptation of chocolate? Kayla Thomas certainly can’t and she’s tired of making excuses for it. So what if those chocolates have caused her to carry around a few extra pounds? Kayla’s finally comfortable in her own skin and she’s done making apologies. All she wants is to make her business Pure Indulgence, a bakery and dessert shop, a huge success. And one way to do that is for Pure Indulgence to supply exclusive recipes to the trendy Tremaine’s Downtown restaurant. Kayla’s excited to begin creating the new desserts but she’s even more excited about the prospect of working so closely with the sexy owner of Tremaine’s Downtown, Jack Tremaine.

From the first moment Jack lays eyes on Kayla, he’s hooked! Kayla’s everything Jack has ever wanted in a woman—beautiful, intelligent, and sexy as hell. Jack is definitely looking forward to having a business relationship with Kayla, but it’s the personal relationship he’d like to work on even more. But when issues from Kayla’s past, as well as things she has done in the present threaten their future, can Jack and Kayla overcome the obstacles to indulge in the possibilities of true love?

I love the works of Janelle Denison! There’s just something that Janelle does with her writing that not many authors seem to be able to do. She provides a certain cohesiveness that other authors can’t seem to master. She makes her stories flow so well that it is truly impossible to put her books down. Her characters are so perfectly drawn that you always feel that you are meeting real people and not some cardboard cut-outs that constantly seem to pepper romance novels today. Her storylines are never clichéd and she’s always able to keep everything fresh and interesting

I loved everything about Jack and Kayla. Jack was a terrific hero, a man who was very kind, caring and understanding but someone who also exuded sex appeal. Kayla was a heroine that I think a lot of women could relate to. The issues in the story were hers and hers alone and it was up to her to work through them. Thankfully, she has the love and understanding of the one person she’s chosen to fully indulge in!

Janelle Denison never fails to deliver the hot, sensual stories you crave! Janelle has always been a favorite of mine and PURE INDULGENCE is no exception. So curl up with a delicious box of chocolates and a copy of PURE INDULGENCE and completely indulge yourself!

Carla Hosom, June 2003

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