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In Bed With the Enemy
Kathie DeNosky
Silhouette Desire #1521
ISBN: 0373765215
July 2003
Category Romance

Elise Campbell is certain she can solve her current case, no matter how dangerous it may turn out to be. See, Elise is a Special Agent for the FBI and while she has spent most of her time investigating paper records, she has spent enough time out in the field to be considered a competent agent—if only Cole Yardley would get the notion through that thick head of his! Cole has been showing the caveman side of himself wherever Elise is concerned, whenever they have had the misfortune to work together in the past and he’s doubly annoying this go ‘round. All Elise wants to do is take the time to investigate the paper trail, lead herself to the bad guys, and keep herself out of danger. But is the danger in the case, or in the arms of Cole Yardley?

ATF Agent Cole Yardley is concentrating on his case, completely. Or, at least he would be if the infuriating Agent Campbell wouldn’t keep finding herself in harms way. Cole was always told that the way to treat a woman was to keep her safe at all costs. He can’t help it if the beautiful Elise tends to look at his protection as “caveman” tactics. Cole’s only desire when he comes to town is to wrap up the gun smuggling case as soon as possible. But soon his only desire turns quickly to Elise!

There’s always a thin line between love and hate and Elise and Cole more than prove that in IN BED WITH THE ENEMY. These two had spent so much time fighting the feelings they could have growing between them, that they never stopped to recognize those feelings to see where they would take them. While I loved Elise’s independent spirit, I don’t think it’s so horrible to have a man look out for a woman now and then either, so I rather enjoyed Cole’s “caveman” character.

Kathie DeNosky is one of my favorite Silhouette Desire authors and she shines with IN BED WITH THE ENEMY. Ms. DeNosky always creates such realistic, engaging characters combined with romantic, interesting stories. If you haven’t tried Kathie DeNosky before now, you don’t know what you’ve been missing. So be sure to pick up IN BED WITH THE ENEMY to add to your summer reading list. You’ll be so glad you did!

Carla Hosom, June 2003

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