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Friendly Persuasion
Dawn Atkins
Harlequin Blaze #93
ISBN: 037379097X
July 2003
Category Romance

Sex without the messy complication of commitment. That’s the problem before Kara Collier. It isn’t that Kara plans to remain unattached forever. Her problem is that she can’t seem to be sexually involved with a man without thinking of him as husband material. What Kara needs is to find a man who is willing to enter into a no stings attached affair, someone Kara couldn’t be more than sexually attracted to. When Kara’s friend Tina suggests Ross Gabriel, Kara first dismisses the idea but then quickly agrees. Kara couldn’t possibly fall in love with her best friend Ross….could she?

When Kara first approaches Ross, he thinks the idea of the two of them together is pretty weird! But the more he thinks about it, the better the idea sounds. And he knows just how to make it “un-weird”—a little game of role-play fantasy. Ross’s idea of role playing works, maybe a little too well. That is until Kara decides she’s ready to try dating someone else and suddenly it’s Ross who can’t get his mind off Kara—and he definitely isn’t willing to let her go!

Looking for a way to heat up the already warm summer days? Pick up FRIENDLY PERSUASION by Dawn Atkins. This read more than lives up to its category—the sensuality is most definitely BLAZING! The author definitely pushed the boundaries to the breaking point but it was the perfect move for the book. The story is well written and it kept me so completely hooked that I finished the entire book in less than three hours. I just could not put it down. Kara and Ross were such interesting, well developed characters and I loved watching their relationship grow and change.

I’ve read almost all of Dawn Atkins’ books, but I would say that FRIENDLY PERSUASION is my absolute favorite. I loved the characters, the storyline and I also really enjoyed the secondary story about Kara’s friend Tina.

FRIENDLY PERSUSAION has something to offer all romance readers. Dawn Atkins has shown that she can master other Harlequin categories (Duets, Temptation) and it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a star among those in the Blaze line. So pick up FRIENDLY PERSUASION and get ready to feel the HEAT!

Carla Hosom, June 2003

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