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Yours in Black Lace
Mia Zachary
Harlequin Blaze
ISBN: 0373791402
May 2004
Category Romance

Stephanie Madison, AKA Stevie, has a major infatuation toward her boss, Emilio Sanchez. This leads her to write him anonymous erotic letters signed "yours in black lace". Emilio is intrigued by the letters he's receiving, yet has no idea who sent them.

When Stevie approaches him to ask for his help, Emilio whisks her away to safety. He recognizes a dangerous criminal is involved in the threat toward her, and he fears for her life. A secret identity is revealed as they get to know each other in less formal surroundings. The more time Stevie and Emilio spend together, the closer they become.

Once Emilio learns Stevie wrote the letters, he begins to act them out with her. A very hot relationship ensues.

Mia Zachary has written an enjoyable and steamy read. The characters are multi-dimensional, and lead the reader to root for them. The plot of running from danger is one that is used often, but she makes it seem different. With a nod toward James Bond, Mia Zachary shows a sense of humor and makes intrigue fun.

Nancy Riggins-Hume, March 2004

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