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Invitations to Seduction
Carly Phillips
Janelle Denison
Vicki Lewis Thompson
ISBN: 0373835744
July 2003
Contemporary Romance

INVITATIONS TO SEDUCTION brings three incredibly hot and sexy stories by three of today’s top sexiest writers. In each story the heroine ends up at Divine Events where she literally takes a page from Sexcapades that will unleash her powers of seduction and change her life in ways that she never imagined.

In “His Every Fantasy”, Leah Burton ends up at Divine Events after an unexpected marriage proposal from her boyfriend Brent. She was hoping that being surrounded by wedding preparations would help her make a decision on whether or not to accept Brent’s proposal. Instead Leah ends up having to face her unresolved feelings for Jace Rutledge after fantasizing about Dancing the Seven Veils for Jace and not for Brent. She knows that she will never be able to make a decision about Brent or any other man until her feelings for Jace are resolved. At this point Leah decides give Jace an invitation that will lead them both down a path that will change their relationship forever.

Janelle Denison continually proves why she is one of today’s hottest writers. His Every Fantasy will have you spicing up your own fantasies by the time you finish reading it. Ms. Denison will not disappoint her readers and will keeping them wanting more.

Regan Davis is forced to re-evaluate her life in “Going All the Way” after her fiancé jilts her for another woman. She was raised to be the “dutiful daughter” and “obedient wife” so why did she get dumped for someone totally the opposite of what she was offering? Of course that isn’t what stung, what stung the most was that in doing what everyone wanted, she wasn’t free to express the bold and sexy woman that she wanted to be. While waiting at Divine Events to cancel her wedding, Regan picks up Sexcapades and finds the chapter on Tying Him up in Knots. As soon as she saw the chapter, she knew that that is exactly what she needed to turn her life around. But she still needed a man. Then she meets Sam Daniels.

“Going All the Way” is just another reason by Carly Phillips is a New York Times bestselling author. The instant sparks between Regan and Sam sets the scene for some hot and sexy seduction. Ms. Phillips keeps getting better and better with every book she writes and shows why more and more readers are picking up her books.

Lindsay Scott’s next door neighbor Hunter Jordan is creating some very “Illicit Dreams” every time he has sex. She can’t help but over hear the sounds coming from Hunter’s apartment through the thin walls of her bedroom. There was only so much that she could do in order to mute out the sounds of pleasure coming from the other side of the wall. When Lindsay accompanies her best friend to Divine Events to help her with her wedding preparations, she comes across Sexcapades. She wonders what it would be like to have Hunter bring some of the fantasies in Sexcapades to reality, but unfortunately he has a girlfriend. Lindsay suddenly finds herself with the opportunity to seduce Hunter when she over hears the girlfriend breaking things off, but she has a no-rebound rule when it comes to men. Is she willing to break her rule in order to have the once in a lifetime opportunity to seduce her sexy next door neighbor?

Vicki Lewis Thompson creates another mesmerizing story in “Illicit Dreams”. Hunter and Lindsay both have a shyness quality to them that gives the sexual tension between the two of them even a greater explosiveness. Each time I pick up one of Ms. Thompson’s books I feel as though I am reading her for the first time and I look forward to seeing what she will come up with next.

Thao Dinh, June 2003

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