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Getting Lucky
Susan Andersen
ISBN: 038081918X
March 2003
Contemporary Romance

To people who don't know Lily Morrisette, she represents a stereotypical blonde: Vivacious, perky and a love for shopping and shoes. To the people who know her, she is smart, independent, and loyal, very unique in her own right. While saving money to open a restaurant, Lily moves in with her friend Glynnis, a soon to be wealthy woman. When Glynnis runs off to meet her fiancé's parents, her brother Zach arrives home to see his sister, but finds Lily ensconced in his old room instead.

Zach Taylor, a career Marine Corps man, has protected his sister her whole life. When he sees Lily, who is too hot for words, he makes the assumption that she doesn't have a dime to her name and is only mooching off his sister like so many people before. He orders her to get out. Not use to having people disobey orders, he is shocked when all five foot nothing of Lily argues with him.

Zach is furious when he finds out that his baby sister is being taken advantage of by another con man posing to be her fiancé. He is ready to hunt down Glynnis and her man and go in guns blazing to save her. Due to an airline strike, Zach has to drive to where they are, Lily decides to go along to smooth things over when brother darling goes off. When they arrive at the multi-million dollar home of the fiancé, Zach is almost ready to eat his words, but the door to the mansion swings open to reveal a man with a shotgun. That's when they find out that Glynnis and David have been abducted.

Passion between Lily and Zach reaches a boiling point while dealing with David's family and a kidnapper who doesn't seem to know the rules. Bringing in other Marines helps to ground Zach and open his eyes to the woman who makes him wonder why he thought he was not the "loving" type.

GETTING LUCKY is an outstanding story about two people with strong personalities who seem to be able to act on their shared passion. Lily's point of view is written in a fun, intelligent way a women thinks and acts. Zach is pure Marine, from the way he talks with his friends to the way he handles everyone else. Completely keeping with a Marine, his language can be colorful at times and some people might find that objectionable. For me, it was realistic. The subplots kept the mystery going by encouraging the readers to look for the kidnapper outside of the main characters. Susan Andersen's characters come alive and you wish you had actually been there for the fun and excitement. It's hard to put it down until the last word is read.

Michelle Libby, August 2003

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