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Stuck on You
Patti Berg
ISBN: 0380820056
February 2003
Contemporary Romance

In a small old west town called Plentiful, Wyoming, a tall, dark, dangerous looking stranger arrives. His name is Logan Wolfe. Although his looks alone could cause the women in Plentiful to take notice, four women in particular make this new stranger their center of attraction. Scarlett O'Malley, owner of A Study in Scarlett bookstore, and her three elderly friends, affectionately known as the Sleuths, live for a mystery. When a woman drops dead in the bookstore, her identification gone, and an elderly friend vanishes on the same night the Sleuths witness Logan Wolfe carrying a very heavy carpet with a suspicious stain out to his car, the rumors and suspicions start flying. Who is this man? A killer? A thief? Or merely a man passing through? Scarlett O'Malley and the Sleuths decide to find out for themselves.

Patti Burg has written a delightful, witty, entertaining romp through the dusty streets of Plentiful. The reader will laugh at the images and antics of Scarlett O'Malley as she struggles to uncover the secrets of Logan Wolfe before he discovers how completely she has lost her heart to him. The sex scenes are as plentiful as the town and as red hot as a western cattle brand.

For anyone who ever read Nancy Drew as a kid and imagined themselves in her shoes, or anyone who tends to always ask the question What If?, or everyone that just wants a witty, enjoyable read with steamy love scenes and memorable characters, this ones for you.

Diane Burke, May 2003

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