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Risky Business
Suzanne Macpherson
ISBN: 0380821036
December 2002
Contemporary Romance

When supermodel Marla Meyers walks—in her do-me shoes-- into Tom Riley’s insurance agency, he thinks things are really looking up. She’s one gorgeous babe! Even with her whopper of a black eye. Marla has come to Tom because the model agency she works for wants her take out a huge insurance policy on her face to continue employing her, because Marla is prone to accidents--A LOT of accidents. But she’s asking for a three million dollar policy, which is BIG numbers. So as a condition, to insure her, Tom has to baby sit her for the first thirty days. He figures no problem, how hard can it be?

It’s not long before Tom realizes that Marla is an accident waiting to happen, but finds himself falling in love with the quirky model. Marla is also beginning to fall in love with Tom, even though he’s rough around the edges, and not exactly what she’s pictured for herself. The two are so exactly right for one another, it shines off the pages.

In a story that full of quirky, zany characters, from the leads to the secondary, Ms. Macpherson entertains us from page one. I found myself laughing out loud within the first ten pages—and Tom’s personal dialogue he runs with himself is better than great--it’s a treasure. This is what I call a beach read—a light read, full of humor and a great romance. RISKY BUSINESS is a hit all the way around!!

Melissa Bradley, April 2003

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