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Diary of A Mad Mom-To-Be
Laura Wolf
ISBN: 0385336772
April 2003
Contemporary Romance

Diary of A Mad Mom-To-Be by Laura Wolf is exactly that. Amy Stewart has created a journal of her pregnancy from the decision to have a baby to the ultimate conclusion, the delivery of a happy, healthy baby.

Amy Stewart is a writer who has been reduced to doing PR for a very low level of clientele. She has to promote a politician who wants to lower the drinking age, and a starlet who has written a book. These are among her two most notable clients. Along with dealing with these clients sheís also trying to hide her pregnancy, and jump start her sagging writing career.

Amy Stewart has the same pregnancy fears that Iím sure every mom has, and to help her alleviate them she has invested in a best selling book Baby How Baby Now. She refers to this book like many people refer to their bibles. It becomes her bible throughout her pregnancy until the doctorís nurse makes her realize that each pregnancy is different, and sheís just experiencing a normal pregnancy.

In the end a healthy baby is delivered, and things have worked out well, even if not exactly according to plan.

I thought this was a very cute quick read. I doubt for many people itís a keeper, but itís nice to know that the neurotic thoughts I had while pregnant are shared by others. Diary Of A Mad Mom-To-Be is in my opinion a chick lit book, but at the top of the genre. Itís reading time well spent.

Sandi Shilhanek, March 2004

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