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Lover Beware
Christine Feehan, Katherine Sutcliffe, Fiona Brand, and Eileen Wilks
ISBN: 0425189058
July 2003
Paranormal Romance

“Magic in the Wind” is Christine Feehan’s contribution to this paranormal anthology. It is the story of Sarah and Damon, residents of a small coastal town. Sarah and her sisters are newly returned to their town, the place Damon fled to when his life became complicated. A recluse, Damon is immediately drawn to Sarah. She and her sisters possess a multitude of powers and are especially in tune with their environment and each other. This story is captivating, delivering a powerful punch to the reader.

“Hot August Moon,” by Katherine Sutcliffe, is the second story in the anthology. Anna is a uniquely qualified FBI agent sent to help solve a crime in District Attorney Jerry’s jurisdiction. Their past, including an acrimonious breakup, threatens to hinder the serial murder investigation. Anna’s gift of insight and the thoughts of the serial killer combine to give the story a very eerie edge. The well crafted story is long on suspense and short on romance.

Fiona Brand authors “After Midnight” for the anthology. Jane is a widow, living alone on her farm outside a small Australian town. Michael Rider is a divorced, retired SAS agent living on the property bordering Jane’s. They have been attracted to each other for years, an attraction Jane fought, until one night, after midnight. A “who-done-it” mystery threads through the steamy story. This titillating read captures the imagination until the very end.

Eileen Wilks’ “Only Human” rounds out the book. Lily is a detective trying to solve a series of murders committed by lupi, werewolves. In order to catch the killer, she is forced to work with a prince of one of the clans, Rule. The plot is a little on the confusing side when Lily and Rule venture to Rule’s home. But, the sensual tension and passion make this a dynamic story.

Lea Moyer, June 2003

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