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Hot Pink
Susan Johnson
ISBN: 0425190102
July 2003

Chloe Chisholm is tired of all her failed relationships. She has decided she wants a fling with a tall, dark and handsome man. Luckily for her, Rocco Vinelli catches the same elevator that night. Rocco is perfect fling material; he’s sexy and very interested. Unfortunately, he’s also taken.

From the first night they meet, every encounter Chloe and Rocco have includes sex. Even when she’s telling him she doesn’t want to see him anymore, they end up in bed. Rocco says his life is complicated and asks Chloe for time to straighten things out. During this, Chloe realizes she is in love with Rocco.

The woman in Rocco’s life is mean, spoiled rotten, and determined to get her way. Some of her encounters with Chloe are amusing.

There are several types of romance novels around these days. This would fit the definition of “chick lit”. I didn’t like this book, the characters were shallow, easy to dislike, and totally clueless. Chloe decides she’s in love with Rocco, yet all she really knows about him is that he’s great in bed. Rocco decides he’s in love with Chloe - pink hair and all because she’s great in bed. In an era with many sexually transmitted diseases, they have unprotected sex - over and over. Yet, when Chloe decides to get Rocco out of her system, she tells her new partner to wear a condom.

If morals, fidelity and common sense are necessary character qualities for you as a reader, skip this book. If you want an erotic fantasy, enjoy.

Nancy Riggins-Hume, September 2003

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