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Becoming Georgia
Emily Carmichael
ISBN: 042519101X
July 2003

Prescott, Arizona the year is 1870 and Georgia "Georgie" Kennedy has sold a gold mine which technically was not hers to sell. In order to straighten the mess out she must travel to Chicago to settle matters with her grandfather.

Cooper "Cougar" Barnes is Georgie's "really good friend" and buyer of disputed gold claim. To protect his gold mine and keep an eye on his "friend" he decides to follow Georgie to Chicago. Upon arriving, he is astounded by the transformation Georgie has made.

Alvin Kennedy, Georgie's grandfather, is determined to transform Georgie into Georgia, a prim and proper lady. In order to keep the rights to the gold mine Georgie must fulfill his wish. What ensues is a quite amusing, entertaining and well-written story.

Fans of Emily Carmichael will surely like this journey through the Wild, Wild West and the transformation of Tomboy to lady in BECOMING GEORGIA.

Kristie Elliott, October 2003

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