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While She Was Sleeping
Suzanne Forster
ISBN: 0425191206
August 2003
Contemporary Romance

A serial kidnapper is stalking the women of Seattle.† He breaks into their homes after they fall asleep and abducts them.† Several days later, they are dumped, drugged but alive.† Then a female detective on the case is abducted, and found dead.†† The police have an eyewitness, but she is terrified, addicted to narcotics, and has an unreliable memory.†

Russ Sadler was the woman copís former partner.† Jennifer Nash is a forensic sketch artist, and Russí former lover.† Russ calls Jennifer in on the case only after being ordered to do so by his boss.† Both have scars from their affair, and are wary of getting involved again.† Jenniferís technique for obtaining sketches alienates the police officers.†† Russ has to decide if he is going to support her, even though he disagrees with her methods.† As they work together on the case, they struggle against the strength of their attraction.†

Suzanne Forster writes suspenseful stories with richly drawn characters. Her depiction of Jenniferís fear of commitment, as well as Russí fear of abandonment is masterful.† She brings the reader inside their heads.† Their discomfort around each other, plus the urgent need to obtain a sketch of the kidnapper is detailed clearly without being overdone.†

However, I have read all of her previous books, and she is falling into a pattern of using a tried and true plot device.† The way she handled a suspicious situation was familiar and as a result, I did not experience suspense when needed.† One irritant was her use of Datsun throughout the book, rather than Nissan.† My suspension of disbelief was disrupted unnecessarily.† †

This novel is well done overall, and new readers will likely enjoy her style.†† For readers familiar with her previous books, this is a good book, but it will probably feel very familiar.†

Nancy Riggins-Hume, August 2003

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