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The Lipstick Chronicles
Kathryn Shay, Fiona Kelly, Vivian Leiber, and Lynn Emery
ISBN: 0425191753
November 2003
Contemporary Romance

The Lipstick Chronicles is four stories about upscale women who prove they can be successful in business and in love.

The first story is “Men at Work”. Elyssa is one of the creators of She is a tough, ruthless businesswoman who needs an investor for her company. The man for the job is a sexy work-a-holic who fits well into Elyssa’s mold for the perfect man. She doesn’t want a man she has to rework her life around, or one who can’t accept her work ethic. Joe Monteigne begins to worm his way into Elyssa’s life. But, can his investment be both professional and personal?

In “By a Nose”, Robyn decides that it’s time to go after the man she has been lusting after for the past month. Steve, a piano man and computer programmer, is more than just a hunk. During their wonderful night together he begins to rage at her, she’s not sure she has made a smart choice in dating him. Insecurities on both sides keep the relationship on the rocks.

It’s Carole Titus’ turn to find love in “Landslide”. Sales woman for, she is expecting to close a deal with an advertiser. When the deal falls through, she finds herself on a plane ride home sitting between a large man who wants to talk, and a handsome man who is giving attention to the kid across the aisle. The handsome man is Mitch Evans who tells the stewardess that Carole is his sister and his story gains them access to first class seats. Despite an age difference Carole allows Mitch, a senator’s aide, to show her a side of Washington D.C. she has never seen before. Carole is hesitant to get involved with him. Will his charm and attitude win her over?

In “Tumbling Down”, Alix Harris has to deal with the breakup of her long-term relationship when her man announces that he is gay. Not willing to put herself out there again, she is unprepared for the full court press from’s new advertising and public relations man named Marc Preston.

The sparks are immediate, but Alix is gunshy. Marc begins to court her personally and professionally. He wants her talent for his company, and tries to lure her away from The lines between Marc wanting her personally and wanting her for his company become blurred. Alix is afraid of traveling a road she has been down before and rethinks a relationship with Marc.

The Lipstick Chronicles provide four unique stories. Each giving readers a diverse glimpse into, an internet card company, and the women who make the business tick. The women are all independent, well-to-do, and experienced. They have their share of bumps in the road, but with solid friendship, they find they can overcome all obstacles.

Michelle Libby, March 2004

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