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Hunting Midnight
by Emma Holly
ISBN: 0425193039
November 2003
Paranormal Romance

Hunting Midnight is a paranormal par excellence, Emma Holly has out done herself with this book. The book takes place in the 1300’s in and around England and Scotland. The heroine is Juliana Buxton, the daughter of a cloth merchant. Her father is very rich and has tried to make a match for her with one of the local titled aristocrats but to no avail. So he has pledged her to another merchant from London, one many years her senior. She is so distraught by the match she decides to run away. She happens by the Dancing Cat, a tavern, and spies a minstrel. The music he plays calls to her and soon she finds herself drawn to him and then, caught in his “thrall”, he whisks her away from the rest of the people in front of the tavern.

The minstrel is Ulric, he is an upyr, a shape-changer, an immortal and his familiar is a wolf. He is also the head of his pack. Juliana convinces him to take her with him, to help her escape her father and her betrothed. She also asks him too change her, make her immortal too. He says she has until the summer to decide if that is what she wants and then proceeds to try and scare her away from his life, show her the gruesome side of life in the wilds, as a wild beast.

I couldn’t put this book down. I finished it in one day. It was a wonderful story of love and commitment. The dialogue between the two of them is wonderful. At one point Ulric tells Juliana she looks good enough to eat and she replies, “ Wonderful. Now I feel like a fresh-baked pie.” She’s wanting a little more respect than she is getting. It is a beautifully done sensual story. The dynamics of the family in the pack, the sense of belonging, all interwoven with the myths of the immortals, makes this a book I would highly recommend.

Debbie Olson, December 2003

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