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Beauty Queen
Julia London
ISBN: 0425195244
April 2004

Rebecca Lear is rebuilding her life after an ego-smashing divorce. Her sisters give her a seminar series entitled Transformation Strategies for Women Changing Lives. And she determines to get a job. This is much easier said than done. Rebecca was a daughter, beauty queen - Miss Houston, then Miss Texas and wife. She's never held a job. She has no job skills and no one is hiring her. Her ex-husband has moved on to trophy wife number two. She moves to a lake house near Austin with her son. Her son only wants his former nanny, Lucy. Nothing is going right.

Matt Parrish is an attorney in business with his best friend, Ben. Matt is recruited by Tom Masters to work on his re-election campaign. He could possibly be tapped for District Attorney if he does his job right. He meets Rebecca when she accuses him of being cheap and stealing her quesadilla.

This less than cordial introduction sets the tone for their relationship. Tom, not telling her that Matt has the same title, recruits Rebecca as Campaign Strategist. Matt and Rebecca become competitive, trying to outdo each other. Rebecca sees this as her big chance to show she can handle a responsible position. Matt is so hung up on her beauty queen titles that he can't see the positive contributions she makes.

Julia London has written a touching, and amusing book. This is a follow up to Material Girl, and a third book should be coming about the third sister. The book stands alone, although there are references to Material Girl in it. Matt and Rebecca strike sparks off each other in delightful ways, and Matt comes to learn there is much more to Rebecca than he could ever imagine. Her characters are interesting, and her writing makes me picture the scenes as they happen. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and readily recommend it to others.

Nancy Riggins-Hume, May 2004

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