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Charming the Shrew
Laurin Wittig
Berkeley Sensation
ISBN: 0425195279
May, 2004
Historical Romance

Tayg Munro went to fight with Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. He went with his older brother and some of his clansmen. Since Tayg is the younger of the two, he never intended on becoming Laird of Clan Munro after his father, Angus Dubh. Unfortunately, his brother died in the battles, leaving Tayg as the future Laird. He made Tayg promise to do right by the clan. Now Tayg's finally home again, after all this time. As Tayg is sitting in the hall eating dinner, there is a bard singing. When Tayg pays attention to the music, he begins to realize the bard is singing about him. All the unmarried lasses are looking at him. His mother sees the problem coming and decides Tayg must marry in order to keep peace. Tayg has decided to marry for love and so his father comes up with an errand for him. Tayg decides to go about the errand disguised as a bard. Tayg goes to the keep of the Clan MacDonell and gives his message to Duff MacDonell. Duff gives him a message for Broc MacLeod. He states the message is for his betrothed. Tayg decides to read the message before passing it on. He heads over to Clan MacLeod.

Catriona MacLeod is the only daughter in her family. She is also the youngest of six. Catriona and her eldest brother, Broc, don't get along at all. They fight continuously. Catriona has earned the name of "Shrew of Assynt". The only brother Catriona can tolerate is the youngest, Ailig, but he never stands up to his older brothers. Her reputation is so fierce, no man will have her to wife. Her eldest brother is taunting her with her betrothal. She is to marry Duff MacDonell. Catriona refuses to marry him and runs away. She has a terrible sense of direction and ends up losing her horse.

As Tayg is on his way to deliver the message, he runs into Catriona. She is alone, without a horse or supplies. It's beginning to snow. Catriona begins acting the shrew and Tayg just grabs her up on his horse and takes her to safety. With Catriona's help, Tayg figures out the message is intended to be a signal. Broc and Duff intend on killing the king! Tayg decides to keep his disguise. He knows Catriona is only a pawn and he intends on taking her to the king.

Now we watch Tayg trying to sing and Catriona having to curb her tongue while racing to get to the king before her brothers and Duff. Catriona has decided she will ask the king for a husband. She wants Tayg the Warrior as her spouse. However, she is attracted to Tayg the bard. What of Tayg? He is definitely attracted to Catriona, in spite of her wicked tongue. Will he reveal his true identity? What will happen to the attraction between them when he does? What of Catriona's brothers and Duff? Will they find the two before they can reach the king?

CHARMING THE SHREW is a wonderfully entertaining medieval Scottish tale of love. Laurin Wittig has written a story as Tayg and Catriona tromp across Scotland trying to reach the king and evade both her brothers and Duff. They end battling not only their attraction, but the weather as well in the Highlands of Scotland. As they each begin to learn about the other, Catriona begins to trust Tayg. Tayg begins to see Catriona as a highly desirable candidate for his spouse and not "the Shrew of Assynt". This is a wonderfully touching story as Catriona's true personality begins to emerge. I highly recommend CHARMING THE SHREW to all lovers of historical romance.

Chere Gruver, March 2004

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