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Cabin Fever
Marilyn Pappano
ISBN: 0440241189
July 2003
Contemporary Romance

After learning of her inheritance that includes two small cabins and a feed store, Nolie Harper heads to Bethlehem, New York to start over. She packs up her belongings and Micahlyn, her five year old daughter, to make a new life for them.

Glad to be away from her overbearing in-laws she arrives at the new homestead to find out she has a tenant already in ones of the cabin. Much to her surprise it is a man, not a woman as she initially was told.

Chase Wilson has returned to Bethlehem to mend his own life. He has been recently released from prison for a crime he did not commit and wants only solitude. Nolie and her child have no place in his life or so he thinks.

With help from some "friends" Nolie and Chase find a path to happiness with is riddle with bumps and setback but they are getting some help from a higher power.

In CABIN FEVER by Marilyn Pappano readers return to a much loved town where friends are friends forever. Ms Pappano characters and plot are so believable that they reminded me of my own friends. A must read!

Kristie Elliott, July 2003

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