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Heart of the Night
Barbara Delinsky
ISBN: 0446530964
March 2003
Contemporary Romance

Savannah, the lawyer...Susan, the high society femme fatale... and Megan, the poor girl who married into high society...have more in common than a friendship formed in school when they were teens. They individually listen, alone in the privacy of their homes, to a sultry, sexy male voice on the radio, Jared Snow. Against the backdrop of Newport, Rhode Island, as a society wife is kidnapped and held for ransom, this one voice in the darkness fills each woman's different needs with unique and individual results. As the investigation intensifies and a courtroom drama ensues, the friendship between these women is tested and changed in ways none of them anticipated.

HEART OF THE NIGHT is a well-written, engrossing story about the intricacies of relationships. The relationships between sisters....Savannah and Susan wrestle daily with the sibling rivalry and competition most readers with a sibling will be able to identify with. The relationships between Savannah, Susan and Megan wrestle with the insecurities, fears and passions associated with falling in love....and trying to stay there. The relationships between friends....Savannah, Susan and Megan forged a friendship in their teens, carried it over through college, and into their thirties. Just as their lives matured and evolved so does their friendship. Against the backdrop of crime, courtroom trials, and high society comes a story deeply woven about the complexities of relationships, the high cost to maintain them and the power of love to heal them.

Diane Burke, May 2003

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