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Under the Boardwalk
Carly Phillips
ISBN: 0446532371
June 2004
Contemporary Romance

College professor Ariana Costas takes a leave of absence from her Vermont college to help find her missing twin sister, Zoe. In order to find her sister, she has to find herself first. She finds herself entangled with Quinn Donovan, an undercover detective. Ariana is determined to infiltrate the casino where Zoe worked before she disappeared, regardless of the danger. Quinn has his hands full with Zoe’s sister, as he strives to maintain his cover and Ariana’s safety. The only things really at risk are their hearts.

Carly Phillips serves up a steaming combination of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” meets romantic suspense in her latest offering. A large quirky cast of characters, including Spank the Monkey, support Ariana and Quinn. Ariana’s journey of self-discovery is painful and eye opening as she grows to love herself and her family. Quinn is an engaging foil for Ariana, whose only real flaw was his willingness to break a cardinal rule of undercover work - never blow your cover. A subplot concerning a foster child touches the heart even as it distracts from the investigation. With Carly’s trademark sensuality and moving characters, this book is sure to delight her fans.

Lea Moyer, May 2004

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