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High Meadow
Joan Wolf
ISBN: 0446610437
February 2003
Contemporary Romance

HIGH MEADOW is another sensational book by Joan Wolf. Joan Wolf's novels are always a pleasure to read. HIGH MEADOW takes the reader into the worlds of professional baseball and horses. The characters in the story must learn to combine these unlikely worlds to form a healthy, loving atmosphere for their son.

Kate Foley was a remarkable woman. She ran her horse farm, High Meadow, with confidence and when her sister died, adopted her nephew. Kate had been Ben's mother for six and a half years. She had no idea who was Ben's father and she did not care. All she needed in her world was her mother, her son and High Meadow. She did not appreciate Daniel Montero appearing on her doorstep claiming to be Ben's father. She refused to admit that all she had to do was look at the two of them together to see the proof.

Daniel Montero, ace pitcher for the New York Yankees, was thrilled to find out he had a seven year old son. He was even happy with the job Kate Foley had done raising him, but he wanted to be included in Ben's life. Ben was thrilled to have a famous pitcher for the Yankees as his father. Daniel's parents were thrilled to have a grandson. Kate was the only problem Daniel had. She was not happy with him taking part in Ben's life.

Kate did not mind that Ben had a famous father. She just didnít want Daniel to get tired of Ben and abandon him. As time passes, Kate realized Daniel and his parents really did love Ben. The only problem Kate had now was her attraction to Daniel. Kate knew she was not like the models Daniel usually dated, but the attraction between them was growing.

A lesson in compromise is taught in the novel HIGH MEADOW. Kate and Daniel both make compromises to form a family for their son. Joan Wolf has written a novel about two warm, caring people. It is a perfect book for one of those times when you need a novel that will make you feel good. It is a believable story and left me with the feeling that if Kate could have such a wonderful man love her, there is hope for me too.

Dawn Myers, May 2003

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