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The Destiny
Kathleen Givens
ISBN: 0446610534
April 2003
Historical Romance

Eileen Ronley is living off the charity of others after the suspicious death of her parents. Despite her guardian’s weak attempts to marry her off, she is content with her existence until she meets a curious stranger. He evokes a feeling she can’t explain. It is as if she has known him before or forever, and she fears that no other man will do for her now that she has met Mr. Belmond. Belmond is actually Neil MacCurrie; the chieftain of a Scottish clan traveling through a hostile England looking for information on the plans of disposed King James Stuart.

Eileen’s cousins Mary and William are on the throne. Much to the King and Queen’s disappointment, Anne, Mary’s sister, invites Eileen to stay with her in London. Eileen and her possible claim to the throne threaten the King and Queen.

Eileen helps Neil escape from Ronley Hall. Neil then feels that he should repay his debt to her, and he hunts her down in London to thank her. Sensing she is in danger, he attempts to convince her to travel to Scotland with him by introducing her to her cousin on her mother’s side. She has never met her cousin because she is estranged from her mother’s Scottish relatives. She is tempted by the offer to travel to Scotland to meet her grandfather, but she also feels the need to stay in London and help Anne who has been kind enough to take her in. Eileen is torn. Does she give up her London life to meet the family she does not know? How does Neil fit into all this?

Kathleen Givens weaves a detailed history through out the book. I found myself wanting to hurry through the history, which is confusing at times, to continue with the engaging story. THE DESTINY is the second book in a series, and at times I felt like I had missed something by not reading the first book, but it did not detract from this story.

The plot was a fantastic ride that had many twists and turns. So many that there was no way to know how the book might end until it closes on the last page. The hero is someone I would love to rescue me. The heroine, Eileen, was worth rooting for whether at Ronley Hall or London. I wanted her to make good decisions and take a chance on Neil. I highly recommend THE DESTINY.

Michelle Libby, June 2003

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